Hey everyone,

Here is a guide to Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest Warzone, Odessen Proving Grounds!

Odessen Proving Grounds is a new, unique Warzone which is highly tactical and favors more coordinated teams who play objectively and are aware of the map and their surroundings.

The Basics

Odessen Proving Grounds is basically a King of the Hill type map. There are two teams, Team Gold and Team Purple. The first team to get 600 points wins. To earn points, you capture Control Points by standing in them for 4 seconds. They spawn randomly in 5 different parts of the map. In each round there are a varying number of Control Points available to capture.

Additionally, there are Battle Mods, which aide your team by increasing the points you gain or stopping the other team from gaining points.

The key to understanding and then excelling at this new Warzone is to learn and familiarise yourself with the map.

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The Map

Below is the map of Odessen Proving Grounds which shows where everything of note is. This Warzone is, for the most part, on one level and does mimic the Alliance Base from KOTFE to some degree.

The Control Points align with the cardinal points of a map and are often referred to as such.

  • Defense Canon – North
  • Cantina – Mid
  • Artifact Chamber – South
  • Tech lab – East
  • Hangar – West

Most of the map is ‘indoors’ and is basically a re-purposed cave (like the Alliance Base in KOTFE) and is mostly of level elevation. The Artifact Chamber Control Point however is ‘elevated’ above the rest of the map and is accessed by the pathways on either side which slope up. If you head north from the Artifact Chamber, you end up on a stage which ‘overlooks’ the Cantina Control Point. From the stage, you can jump down to the Cantina Control Point or get to suspended walkways via Grappling Hooks.

The suspended walkways run above most of the map between the Hangar Control Point, through the Cantina Control Point (there is a gap in the walkways above the Cantina), and the Tech Lab Control Point. There are Speed Boosts and Battle Mods located on the walkways (as indicated on the map above). You can get to the suspended walkways by either using Grapple Hooks (indicated on the map) or via two ramps which are located near both of the northern Spawn Points.

Hangar Control Point

There are two large rooms. One between the Hangar and Cantina Control Points and one between the Cantina and Tech Lab Control Points. Both rooms look different and serve as an entry point to the walkway system and a ‘buffer’ between the Control Points. The two main Spawn Points are also located in the northern part of these rooms. At the start of the Warzone, Team Gold always spawns from the north west spawn point (which is between the Hangar and Cantina) and Team Purple Spawns from the north east spawn point (between the Cantina and the Tech Lab).

There is an outside area where the Defense Canon Control Point is which basically consists of walkways suspended on the edge of a canyon (like how the Alliance Base is situated in KOTFE). There are also elevated walkway platforms which have Battle Mods on them (as indicated on the map).

Grapple Hooks

There are four Grapple Hooks which can be used to get to the suspended walkways in certain locations. Two of the Grapple Hooks are located opposite the two southern Spawn Points. You can grapple directly from the Spawn Point to the suspended walkways or grapple to the walkways from below (as seen in the left image below). Note that there are also Battle Mod Spawn Points beneath the Grapple Hooks on the walkways.

There are also two Grapple Points located on either side of the stage which overlooks the Cantina (Mid) Control Point (you can access the stage by going north from the Artifact Chamber (South) Control Point). These Grapple Hooks allow you to get to the suspended walkways which are above the Cantina Control Point (as seen in the right image below).